A huge Military Exercise will be conducted by the US Marine Corps involving more than 6,000 personnel in what is now called "Operation Northern Edge." The exercises will last from May 1st to May 12 in the Alaskan area called the Joint Pacific Alaska Complex, or JPAC.

Who will be part of this massive military exercise?

The military exercise will be spearheaded by the US Marine Corps. There is also news that other pacific contingencies will also participate in the drills, along with some foreign troops. Included in said exercises will be the USAF and contingents coming from the Navy.

Foreign participants are also expected, but the list of participating countries has not been revealed yet.

The main goal of this military exercise is to improve tactical command, control and communication relationships, and develop inter-operable plans for the armed forces. This is an important step in readying the US military for any eventuality, especially with the growing tension in North Korea and the constant trouble seen in Syria.

The participants will practice and develop modern combat tactics specifically for 21st century warfare. According to Lt. Col Stephen Driskill, US Marine Corps, this exercise allows them to work, communicate and fight together. He further reiterated that cooperation is very important during deployment and that no service can function solely on its own.

What are the ramifications of such a massive military exercise in the Pacific?

Given the high tension in the Pacific, especially in the Korean Peninsula, the exercises might be viewed as a threat. Russia has been deploying bombers close to Alaska in recent weeks, though the motive is still unknown. China, on the other hand, have already started a massive revamp of both its military and Air Force to cope with the advancement of Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

North Korea still bombards its citizens with hyperbolic propaganda, focusing on the mass destruction of the United States through the use of their still non-existent ICBM capability, which they are desperately trying to complete.