In the opinion of think tanks in china, fears of a war in the korean peninsula cannot be ruled out. The possibility of a direct conflict keeps increasing, and Chinese government advisers feel the government is gradually losing its grip on North Korea. The same feeling is shared by a retired senior military officer.

New Zealand Herald reports that knowledgeable experts in China believe that Beijing is unable to convince its neighbor to end its programs related to the development of nuclear weapons. This is seen as a setback for Beijing because it used to be a major ally of Pyongyang and used to be in a position to influence its decisions.

Incidentally, the frequent underground nuclear tests carried out by Kim’s men have weakened the surrounding mountains and the geological structures in the region have become unstable. This is also a matter of concern.

China gets ready to face the challenge

Observers have pointed out that the situation in the Korean peninsula is tense and, China has apparently no control over it. Beijing used to be a dominant factor but that is no longer visible, and it appears to have reconciled itself to the inevitable.

North Korea and China share a common border and, in case of a conflict, there would be an influx of people from across the border which would add to the problems of Beijing. Already some action has been taken to advise residents near the border on methods to be adopted in case of a nuclear attack.

These were published in the official newspaper of the province. In addition to these measures, there are also plans to set up some refugee camps in order to accommodate the fleeing North Koreans.

War is not the solution

Experts in China want the country to be prepared to face any form of nuclear conflict. The general impression is that the Korean peninsula is heading towards a showdown because neither the United States nor North Korea are willing to concede ground.

The war of words between them continue and threats are tossed about.

America has positioned its warships in the region and North Korea has tested its ICBMs. Kim Jong-un has claimed that his missiles can reach the US mainland, and has also identified a few targets. Sirens have been tested in Hawaii for proper functioning since it is one of the probable targets.

The stage is set.

It is up to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to sink their differences and arrive at a peaceful solution. No one in his right mind can support a nuclear war. It will leave behind an unbelievable trail of destruction of lives and properties and it will take ages for the environment to recover.