jared kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump, delivered his first public speech as White House senior adviser at a summit for leaders of the tech industry on Monday. He talked about the Trump administration’s effort to modernize the systems of the federal government and how the tech industry could help.

What stood out at the event was the quality of Kushner’s Voice, which netizens made fun of. His thin voice quality became the subject of Twitter negative comments, Mashable reported. Below are some of their sarcastic comments.

Stephen Bridges added he expected Jared Kushner’s voice to sound like Mickey Mouse, and his guess “wasn’t too far off.” For Monica Zeff, Kushner’s voice sounded like a 13-year-old going through puberty, while Kevia Seccia added, Kushner’s voice “sounds how Donald Trump looks.”

Private sector creativity unleashed

Nanax3 asked why Kushner’s voice is a big deal when there are more important matters to discuss, such as health care.

While netizens tweeted a torrent of mocking comments about the son-in-law’s vocal quality, Kushner, who used to head his family's real estate company, said in his address that the Trump administration will unleash the private sector’s creativity to provide citizen services in a way that has never happened before.

He also touched on their plan for the overhaul by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs of the veteran medical records’ system, Time reported.

The publication noted that given his vast portfolio, it is strange that Kushner is seldom heard.

Restarting the Israel-Palestinian peace talk

As a senior adviser, Kushner’s tasks include crafting the criminal justice reform policy and brokering the Middle East peace. He and Jason Greenblatt, a top national security aide of Trump, are arriving this week in the region to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace talk, Reuters reported.

This would be a follow-up to the discussions Trump held in May with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Kushner and Greenblatt will meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders about in Jerusalem and Ramallah about their priorities and potential next steps

The two are working with State Secretary Rex Tillerson and White House National Security Adviser on the Middle East issue. Given Kushner’s address on Monday, netizens who believe the president’s son-in-law has a lot of explanation to give about the Russia interference, are interested to hear how he will tackle those issues also.