Roy Moore is an American politician, who was the past chief justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. He has made many controversial comments in the past, strongly condemning Muslim and homosexual acts, with a belief that we should use Christianity as the public policy. Along with this, he has also made comments on anti-abortion and he has talked a lot about how God is the primary source of our law. He has also been involved in a controversy with white supremacy group, showing that he has a very far-right view. Moore is now the main talking point of America at this moment in time.

What has Moore done now?

Moore has been accused of four women of sexual misconduct, the youngest was a 14-year-old. He has obviously immediately denied these allegations, believing that the women are attempting desperately to hinder his reputation.

On Veterans Day he came out to say that it was "yet another attack on my character and reputation," showing he is strongly disagreeing with the allegations. He then said the article was a "prime example of fake news" and the alleged victims were trying to divert the attention off of the country's important topics such as healthcare.

A report by CNN states, these allegations have personally hurt Roy Moore, he said. He carried on by saying he has the highest protection of young children, along with stating that he has never given alcohol to a minor.

If these are true then Moore's hopes in the election would be basically crushed.

He also said there were "ongoing investigations" into the reason behind the publication of the article. He said that there would be more details on the story within the upcoming days.

He still believes the people of Alabama will be able to understand that the article is wrong and he expects them to vote in the upcoming primary.

Republicans turn on Moore

According to CNN, some Republicans have already stopped backing Moore's campaign, one of these was the National Republican Senatorial Committee. This is bad for Moore because the committee provided a large fundraising agreements, which helped Roy Moore's political campaign.

The controversial article was posted by the Washington Post on Thursday.

The Washington Post interviewed over 30 adults who claimed that Moore went ahead with many sexual acts and relationships with underaged women, while he was 30. This included the interviewers detailing Moore having sexual contact with a teenager, aged 14.

CNN also said, however, none of the 3 women said that Moore had sexually assaulted or sexually harassed them.