Just one year after the fierce presidential election, President Donald Trump's supporters have dwindled in numbers. However, many people in the country believe the economy is finally as good as it was before the 9/11 attacks. According to a recent CNN poll, the Trust in Trump to control everything other than the economy has lessened over the year.

The polls have shown that 40 percent of US residents believe that Trump will keep his promises, down from 48 percent in April, and 40 percent trust in Trump to improve the country to something that is needed, down from 49 percent just after the election.

Republicans have not changed how they feel concerning the president keeping his promises (86 percent). On the other hand, the party does doubt that Trump can handle other topics such as health care reform.

30 percent of people said in a poll that Trump would be able to unite the USA, down a little from last year. However, the number of people that agree with the statement "he cares about people like you" has decreased significantly to 28 percent. The same numbers have fallen amongst the Republican Party considerably since the election.

Trump's trust

The poll was taken by participants the day Trump made his flight to Asia. However, only a quarter of Americans believe the president respects other significant leaders across the globe.

The majority say the reason for their decision was the actions that Trump has made since taking to the prestigious office. Fewer people believe that Trump is trustworthy compared to the day he took office, down to about 30 percent.

A disappointing fact from the poll is that 64 percent of Americans are not proud to have Trump as their president, with 63 percent saying he does not deserve to receive a re-election.

One of the main reasons Trump became president last year was because he promised to bring needed change to America. Unfortunately, over time, Americans have become unimpressed.

A low number - 36 percent - represents Trump's approval rating, the lowest in his year as president. The number is below 40 percent to express how well Trump deals with big topics.

What has Donald Trump succeeded in?

Two places in which people believe Trump has moderately succeeded at is dealing with terrorism and the economy. The economy is the best part of the poll for Trump, with 68 percent agreeing that the economy is in a great spot, up by 10 percent from when he took over the office. On the other hand, 59 percent of participants in the poll believe in a year from now the economy will remain in good shape.

The poll took place on CNN, with over 1,000 participants involved over the telephone.