A young girl was kidnapped from the streets of Nigeria and murdered for her Body Parts. Police have already arrested three men in connection with her murder. One of the men confessed to killing her and selling her body parts to a witch doctor for the purpose of a witchcraft ritual. He sold her body parts for $25 and tossed her decapitated body into a well in Idosemo, a village in Ogun, Nigeria.

Witchcraft in Nigeria

The belief in witchcraft is widespread across Nigeria. Witch doctors are typically called upon for wealth and money rituals. People also go to these practitioners for protection and good luck ceremonies.

Instead of seeking out professional medical help, some people may even choose to go to a witch doctor to cure their ailments.

The witch doctor, in this case, has been arrested for purchasing human body parts. He claims that he had no part in the killing of the girl and did not put out a contract for body parts. Abimbola Opeyemi, a police spokesman, said that the witch doctor confessed under interrogation and led investigators to where the girl's body had been dumped.

The girl had been selling snacks in the street when she disappeared. He father reported her disappearance to the police, who took immediate action. Unfortunately, they were too late.

Witch doctors in Africa

Maiming and killing children for the purpose of ceremonial rituals is not so uncommon in many African countries.

Recently, the body of an 8-year old boy was found in a swamp in Uganda. His lips, teeth, ears, and genitals had been removed for the purpose of witchcraft.

According to police in Uganda, Women And Children are the main victims in these types of killings. Between the months of May and September of this year, 21 women were sacrificed for witchcraft rituals.

In 2014, Kanani, a 10-year-old boy, and his 8-year-old sister, Suubi, were both murdered. The killer cut their throats, drained all of the blood from their bodies, and cut off their genitals for use in a ritual ceremony.

So far, police in Uganda have arrested 44 people connected with murdering women and children for the purpose of selling their body parts to witch doctors.

Catching the bad guys

Police have been taking this epidemic very seriously. With the help of some religious organizations and vigilante groups, they have been able to arrest several people for murdering children for witchcraft rituals. As of this writing, none of the three men arrested in this case have been charged.