Halloween is definitely on the way. Yesterday it was chairs moving by themselves in a Ventura, Ca., grill and today it's a mysterious car appearing from nowhere. Roads.sg posted a mysterious dashcam video taken at an intersection somewhere in singapore to Facebook on Monday. With 210,000 views at the time of writing, the video is spooking users of the social media platform, as it seems to show a “Ghost Car” appearing out of thin air, shortly prior to causing an accident.

Is this a version of Dr. Emmett Brown’s famous DeLorean from the “Back to the Future” movies or a ghostly apparition?

Whatever caused the mysterious car to appear, the footage is certainly spooky.

Optical illusion shows ‘ghost car’ appear from nowhere

The dashcam video begins with a white car pulling up to a busy intersection and starting to turn right on the green light. The car waits for one vehicle to pass before continuing its turn and almost reaches the other side of the intersection when the mysterious event occurs. Suddenly a silver-colored car appears in the frame, causing the accident. Playing the video again doesn’t help, as that vehicle does look like it literally appeared out of thin air. Watch the video footage below.

Facebook erupts with comments, shares, and views

Reportedly no one was hurt in the "ghost car" collision, but Facebook users were seriously mystified by the incident.

Posted on October 16, the shares and views keep climbing, with a variety of comments.

Marcus Khaw wrote that he didn’t get it. He said he keeps watching the video and cannot figure out where the car came from. Khaw went on to ask if it was an optical illusion from the dashcam.

Gary Ng said it couldn’t be related to “Back to the Future” as they have no DeLoreans in Singapore, but Roads.sg instantly put him right, saying they do have a DeLorean DMC-12 in the country.

However, a very observant Joseph Lee comments to say the car didn't come out of anywhere. He said it was blocked from the dashcam view. Lee said if you look carefully, it is possible to see the top of the silver car shortly before the white car makes the turn. He theorized the driver of the white car had assumed the mystery car was going to turn left, or stop at the now amber light, but they were wrong.

With the obvious damage to the silver car, Lee said this error in judgment will likely cost the driver of the white car.

As reported by the New York Post, reflection distortion on the dashcam video does make the crash difficult to see. However, other experts believe the strange optical illusion could just be uncanny timing and that the other car was merely blocked from the camera’s view. That reports states if you look closely at 00:09, the “ghost car” can be seen driving behind the van. They also point out that the roof of the mystery car can just be seen at the 00:15 mark, shortly prior to the crash.

A further copy of the dashcam video was uploaded to YouTube, showing the moment of the crash in slow motion.