The airport in Dusseldorf, Germany was recently suffering incredibly strong crosswinds due to the deadly Storm Xavier sweeping through the country at that time. A video was posted on October 5, showing a huge Emirates Airbus A380 navigating the crosswinds as it lands at the airport. That viral video has gone on to draw almost 11 million views and displays the amazing skills of the pilot involved in the Landing.

Emirates pilot shows amazing skills bringing the plane safely in to land

Emirates looks like the airline to fly with, as the huge plane, which can seat 500 passengers or more, comes in for a hairy landing.

While the flight from Dubai to Dusseldorf had been uneventful and normal, the final landing proved to be a real test for the pilot’s skills, which he passed with flying (excuse the pun) colors.

Video rapidly going viral of terrifying crosswinds landing

The Airbus A380 can be seen to do a veritable dance in the air as it jerks from side to side until the pilot brings the monster plane under control. The video, included here, was taken by a plane spotter, Martin Bogdan who uploaded it to his Cargospotter channel on YouTube. When wrote about the story on October 7, it had received just over 1.7 million views – in the days following, that figure is rapidly approaching 11 million and counting.

As noted by MSN, In the description to the YouTube video, Bogdan says he has filmed thousands of crosswind landings at various European airports over the last few years, but the crosswinds landing by the Emirates Airbus A380 turned out to be “extremely hard and extraordinary.” He said it initially looked like a normal crosswind approach, but when the plane touched down and the pilots had to try to align with the runway, it was “pretty incredible.”

Bogdan continued by saying he has never before seen such an amazing reaction of a plane following the touchdown.

He added that it was possible to see the pilots using the tail rudder in an attempt to align with the runway, adding that it, fortunately, worked out for them.

One can only imagine how the passengers felt as the plane came in to land, as this kind of landing must be quite simply terrifying.

However, a spokesman for Emirates said the safety of both the passengers and crew on the Airbus A380 was never compromised.

Airline pilots are reportedly well trained in the handling of crosswinds and other dangerous weather conditions. In the case of a crosswind landing, pilots use what is termed a “crabbing” technique to point their craft into the wind, thereby preventing the plane drifting until just before touchdown. The pilots then use the rudder to get the nose aligned with the runway, along with the ailerons to prevent the plane from drifting.