US President Donald trump released a tweet this Sunday stating: "Nobody could have done what I've done for Puerto Rico with so little appreciation. So much work!" Emphasizing how "fake news media" has been covering his actions so far.

This was a reference to the relief efforts to help Puerto Rico spearheaded by the US Military and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The tweet was accompanied by a video showing the U.S.

Military transporting and handing out relief goods, medical supplies, as well as important equipment such as generators, to the disaster areas affected by Hurricane Maria. The Category 4 hurricane, which made landfall on September 20, 2017, brought 150 mph winds turning Puerto Rico into a disaster area. The video ended with clips and images of Trump on his trip there last Tuesday.

The U.S. Federal Government's initial response for help was a bit lackluster and the president's comments with regards the disaster and how San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz does her job, in addition to the viral video of him throwing paper towels towards a relief center has been heavily criticized by the media since day one.

What is the status in Puerto Rico?

Currently, Puerto Rico is still having a hard time getting back on its feet because it was directly hit by not just one, but two hurricanes this season. Before they even got the chance to recover from Hurricane Irma which left some parts the island in desperate need of power and water then came Hurricane Maria which was stronger and more devastating.

There is still little power on the island and there is a scarcity of food and water. Some areas have been cut off from everything for weeks -- communication, transportation, food, and water. Thus every Puerto Rican is crying for help to end this humanitarian crisis.

Why the US needs to help Puerto Rico

Contrary to popular knowledge, Puerto Ricans are also US citizens.

According to the New York Times, only 54 percent of Americans know that and only 81 percent of those who know, supported the need to give aid to the island. This is important to know since according to the same poll, Americans who knew or were informed about the Puerto Rican citizenship are more likely to support aid than those asked to support a foreign disaster.

This is one of the reasons why Puerto Rico didn't get as much attention from the US media in comparison to the coverage to the also recent hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida.