For more than a decade, Korean actor Jung Kyung Ho has played roles in numerous K-dramas and K-movies. For K-pop fans, especially those part of Girls' Generation's official fan group known as Sones, he is better known for dating girl group member Sooyoung. According to Kyung Ho's agency Management Donghaeng, he and Sooyoung have been dating since early 2013.

Generally, after four years of dating, there will most likely be inquiries into marriage. Jung Kyung Ho opened up about such on his plans to marry Sooyoung.

Career first before marriage

During an interview with Korean news outlet Ilgan Sports, the popular K-drama actor opened up about his relationship with Sooyoung.

During the interview, he made it known his girlfriend had a very deep and understanding personality that matched her ability to make those around her happy. However, when the interview segued into marriage, he made it known their careers in acting come first.

Right now, Jung Kyung Ho has established himself in acting as he started back in 2004. So far, he has played roles in 15 K-movies and 21 K-dramas. Within the past three years, he has landed big roles. On the other hand, Sooyoung is just starting to establish her acting career. When she first started back in 2008, she landed only guest appearances due to her schedule in Girls' Generation. Eventually, she got lead roles but wasn't that strong in acting.

That changed with her role in "38 Task Force," her first role after graduating from acting school, in which viewers saw a major improvement in her acting.

What is the couple doing now?

Jung Hyung Ko will be starring in the upcoming Total Variety Network (tvN) K-drama, "Wise Prison Life." He will need this upcoming series to do well as his last one, "Missing 9," was a flop.

Pertaining to K-movies, "Amor" is still looking for a director. That means Kyung Ho's last K-movie role was back in 2014 in "Manhole."

Sooyoung is slowing down on her post-release promotions for Girls' Generation's 10th Anniversary Comeback and getting back to her acting career. She is currently playing the female lead role in "Man Who Sets the Table," which is now airing on the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

There is also still some chatter of her upcoming medical K-drama "Polyclinic Doctor." Unfortunately, it may not come to fruition. The currently airing MBC K-drama "Hospital Ship," starring Ha Ji Won, utilizes a similar concept.