Kate Middleton was suffering from severe morning sickness. The Royal Highness is pregnant with Prince William’s third child. According to a report by People, the couple is expecting the baby in April next year. Due to her sickness, Middleton wasn’t able to appear in public places and events lately but it seems that she is finally back to feeling normal again. The People report claims that the Duchess has begun appearing at different events and is taking care of royal engagements.

What do you need to know?

Prince William has been accompanied by Kate to two events this month.

The Duchess has been looking her usual self, with a beaming smile and a bright glow on her face. Kate certainly doesn’t shy away from showing off her slight baby bump. She was photographed conversing with the event attendees with ease. As noted by the Daily Star, Kate’s morning sickness has completely vanished. She is prepared to take care of the royal engagements that might be waiting for her.

Upcoming tour

The upcoming royal tour has also been announced. It suggests that Prince William and Kate Middleton will be traveling to Norway and Sweden towards the beginning of next year. They will be seen undertaking the Scandinavian visit on the behalf of England’s Foreign Office. William however, will be traveling alone next month.

He is scheduled to visit Finland. According to a report by AOL!, Kate was supposed to accompany William on his trip to Finland but their family doctor apparently advised her against it as she was experiencing severe morning sickness. The British royals are closely linked to royals in Sweden and Norway. King Harald the fifth (Norway) and Elizabeth II (England) are second cousins.

The Queen first visited Norway in June of 1955.

Middleton’s premature pregnancy condition is expected to subside towards the end of this year. It hasn’t been officially announced yet whether she will be accompanying Prince William on his journey to these places. Kate will be in her final few months before the baby’s delivery.

She might need rest during that time. All the events that have taken place in the past have always included William and Kate. The Royal couple doesn’t shy away from including their little children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. The last two trips before Kate was reported to be pregnant saw both the little kids join their parents. If Kate does accompany Prince William then she will be seen carrying a big baby bump.