Jj Lane and Juelia Kinney, have finally revealed what was the real cause of their breakup. Juelia told "Life and Style" that the show "marriage boot camp" put a spotlight on their differences. They learned things about each other that were shocking to them.


If you don't remember these two Bachelor contestants, here is a little recap. JJ Lane was in season 11 of the "Bachelorette" with Kaitlyn Bristowe. He was married before the show and admitted to Kaitlyn that he had cheated on his wife, leaving him a single dad to a little girl named Gemma.

Juelia Kinney was in season 19 of the "Bachelor" with Chris Soules. After being sent home during the fourth week, Juelia went back to her life with her daughter, Ireland. Juelia Kinney was married to the father of her daughter, but, in 2013 her husband committed suicide, leaving her a single mother.

The two came together in season two of "Bachelor in Paradise." The season was a bit rocky for both Juelia and JJ. During the season, the two never really hit it off. They were just friends. They both ultimately ended up dropping out due to the failure to find love. A year later, they reunited and started dating.

The breakup

After being a couple for about a year and a half, they joined the show "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars." They were hoping that staring on the show would be a good thing for them both and would help their relationship progress.

However, while on the show, they learned things about each other that were never brought to attention previously. Sadly, what they thought might strengthen their relationship instead tore it apart.

"One of the drills that we did, the information that came out of it was very shocking and hard to deal with," Juelia Kinney told Life and Style.

The show overall was just exhausting for the both of them. After completing the show "Marriage Boot Camp," they realized that they were just not meant to be. In some ways, it was good that the show was able to uncover these differences but, the breakup was still hard.

Juelia also revealed that the information in which they found out through this boot camp showed how incompatible they really were.

She also said that even though they are apart, she will always care about JJ and will never have bad feelings towards him moving forward.

Now they each have opened up and shared that they are both dating someone else. Juelia is dating Aaron Bass, brother of former "Bachelor in Paradise" star Even Bass. JJ is dating Kayla Hughes, a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader. Both seem to be happy and have moved on.

Do you think they are better off apart? Or do you wish they were still together?