Recently, President Trump tweeted that, “North Korea won’t be around much longer.” The Foreign Minister of North Korea, Ri Yong Ho, took that as a threat from the U.S.

Ri Yong Ho retorted to the press saying that, “Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have every right to make all self-defensive countermeasures.” Although both countries continue making comments back and forth, no formal declaration of war has been issued yet.

Chemical and Nuclear Warfare

If a war was to erupt, chances are, North Korea would be the first to attack. And if they do, they have the power to bring about severe panic and devastation.Their first move to evoke tremendous panic could be the transportation of bombs from the underground tunnels to South Korea. Once there, they could detonate the atomic bombs in the most populated cities, killing hundreds of people.

Secondly, since North Korea is known to possess the 3rd biggest stockpile of chemical weapons on the planet, they could use that to torture populations at large.Thirdly, North Korea successfully launched a sea to air missile that they could use on U.S.

states, including Alaska and Hawaii. A nuclear strike like this could cause thousands of casualties and invoke panic throughout the whole country.

What Will the U.S. Do?

Even if North Korea doesn’t attack the United States, the U.S. will still get involved to defend our ally, South Korea.Since the Korean war, the U.S. has pulled their nuclear weapons out of South Korea but if a nuclear or chemical attack were to happen, the threat of retaliation will occur.

North Korea has the U.S. outnumbered, with one million soldiers compared to half a million South Korean soldiers and only 28,000 American soldiers.

However, an air assault from the U.S. would easily overwhelm their advantage in numbers. South Korean and American armies would counter-attack any barrage from North Korea's artillery although, they wouldn’t be an easy target to hit if they stay hidden in the mountains.

President Trump has also made it very clear that if any surface-to-air missiles are launched into U.S. territories, the missiles will be shot down before they could reach land.

The Final Outcome

It seems evident to conclude that if North Korea declared war, the United States and South Korea would win, although it would be at a high cost. All countries involved would experience huge amounts of casualties and detrimental losses.