A Man who was diagnosed with HIV in 2006 went on to enjoy unprotected sex with around 53 women, the youngest believed to be only 14-years-old. At least 30 of those women were infected with the HIV virus, which could lead to them having full-blown AIDS. On Friday an Italian court in Rome sentenced the man to 24 years in prison.

Italian man had unprotected relations despite HIV diagnosis

Valentino Talluto was said by the court to have intentionally infecting women by having unprotected relations following his 2006 HIV diagnosis. Talluto, an accountant by trade, reportedly used the pseudonym “Hearty Style” on dating sites and social networks to attract his victims.

He is believed to have had sexual intercourse with around 53 women since his diagnosis, of which 30 have been confirmed Hiv Positive. As reported by the Independent, women who testified at the trial had said they had been seduced, often by being contacted by Tullato via social media. Some of the women said they had requested Talluto to wear a condom during sexual relations, but he either told them he was allergic to them or lied and told the women he was not infected with HIV.

There was a secondary effect from his actions, as on top of the 30 women who have been confirmed to be now carrying the HIV virus, another four victims have now been infected, including the baby of one of the victims and three male partners.

Court said man’s intentions were to ‘sow death’

During a court appearance in September, Prosecutor Elena Neri said Talluto’s actions were intended to “sow death.” However, his defense lawyers deemed their client’s actions to be “imprudent, but not intentional.”

It turns out HIV runs in the family. Talluto’s mother died when he was four and was a drug addict infected with HIV.

He told the court his acts were not intentional, saying if that was the case, he would not have had actual relationships with the women concerned. Talluto went on to say many of the women he slept with know his family and friends. He said if he wanted to intentionally infect someone he would have gone to bars for casual sex and would not have included the victims in his life.

While the prosecution had called for a life sentence for Talluto’s crimes, he was sentenced by judges in Rome on Friday to 24 years behind bars. Reportedly judges deliberated for over 10 hours before deciding on the verdict. The BBC reports that his victims who were in the court cried upon hearing his sentence, as he did not receive the expected sentence of life behind bars for his crimes.