Gears Of Biz recently reported that a Research group has been testing a possible injection in the hope that it could cure patients inflicted with HIV. The experimental injection produced effects that offer hope for possible treatments in the future.

Scientists and researchers tested the HIV injection on various patients. One of the patients reportedly had the virus controlled for ten months after he received the experimental treatment, the report further said.

Volunteer scientists in the United States Military HIV Research Program conducted the trial on a group of 18 people.

The trial was held in Thailand, a Southeast Asian country that has recorded quite a number of AIDS and HIV cases, Gears Of Biz added.

The experimental injection reportedly worked, but only lasted for a few weeks.

Search for cure

The search for a worldwide cure for the deadly disease continues. This is one of the many efforts that organizations are working on to try and find a cure.

The research was carried out on a control group and an experimental group. According to the article, patients who were given the antiretroviral VRC01 antibody were clear of the virus for around 30 days.

However, those who stopped taking in the antiretroviral injection drug, reportedly used to mitigate the virus, saw the disease coming back in just two weeks.

Dr. Jintanat Ananworanich, one of the researchers in Thailand told the website that the injection had the potential but also has some impact. She noted how some injected patients controlled the virus to record low levels for several months.

Complete treatment

BBC reported that there is only one patient in history that has been completed cured of HIV.

The report noted that a nine-year-old patient previously infected with HIV received medication, and spent their life free of the disease afterwards.

Mail Online reported that Dr. Michael Brady, medical director of Terrence Higgins Trust, said, "We’ve known for a long time that effective – or “neutralising” – antibodies are key to the body being able to control, or even eradicate, HIV...The challenge has been to learn how to stimulate them effectively for use as HIV treatment or prevention."

AIDS Map, a website dedicated to AIDS-related information, said that the difficulty finding a cure also lies with people who fail to come forward to acknowledge their diagnosis, and ask for treatment.

According to Gears Of Biz, around 37 million adults and children are diagnosed with HIV. There are reportedly 1.2 million patients inflicted with the virus in the United States alone. The virus leads to a more deadly disease called AIDS if not treated.