Once again, Facebook Live has been the venue for suicide, as a man in Turkey, distraught over his daughter getting engaged without his permission, took his own life. As the man spoke directly to the camera, users of the social media platform begged him to stop, but the man pulled out a gun and shot himself in the temple. After the incident was streamed live, Facebook removed the video footage and said they were “deeply saddened” by the tragedy.

Father distraught after daughter gets engaged without consulting him

The father who made the Facebook Live video was identified as 54-year-old Ayhan Uzun of Kayseri in Turkey.

The video is included below, with the graphic moment removed. The original showed Uzun directly addressing the camera before taking his gun in his left hand and shooting himself in the temple. He then collapsed onto the floor.

The Mirror Online provided a translation of Uzun’s words, prior to his suicide. He said he was live streaming and that it was his will, adding that he didn’t want the people who put him in that position to attend his funeral.

He went on to explain that his wife had told him about his daughter’s engagement in a phone call. He said nobody had asked him for his permission and that no one had treated him like a man. Uzun said his father-in-law had taken his place and without having the right had approved his daughter’s engagement.

No one had mentioned that her father was still alive and he had waited for his daughter and the family to ask him to be with them, but without success. Ozun went on to say that he would be taking his own life with the gun he was holding in his hands.

Viewers on Facebook Live begged him not to take his own life

While Uzun admitted that some people watching would call it a show, he said he didn’t want others to experience his pain.

Moments before shooting himself in the temple, he said goodbye, saying he was leaving and asking viewers to take care of themselves.

Throughout his speech on Facebook Live, comments streamed in from relatives and friends who begged him not to kill himself, but he ignored the comments and took his own life.

The New York Post quotes a representative from Facebook as telling them they were “deeply saddened” by Uzun’s video, which they have now removed from the social media platform.

The spokesperson went on to say Facebook does not allow the promotion of suicide or self-injury, saying they want users to have a safe experience on the platform. Facebook also stated they are working with organizations worldwide to give assistance to people in distress.

Turkish police have taken Uzun’s body for autopsy and are launching an investigation into his death.