Passengers were set to fly on British Airways flight BA303 from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to London Heathrow airport on Sunday morning. While the flight was scheduled to leave at 7:25 AM local time, passengers were told to evacuate shortly prior to takeoff due to a “direct threat” made against the French airport. The flight was scheduled to land at London Heathrow at 7:45 AM U.K. local time.

Flight evacuated over 'security threat' in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport

As reported by the Metro, the British Airways plane was immediately surrounded by Paris police and fire vehicles due to the security threat and according to a witness, James Anderson, all passengers were then searched by armed police.

Anderson also posted a video showing the British Airways plane on the tarmac, surrounded by officials. In the background a member of the cabin crew speaks to passengers, apologizing for the delay over the security threat and letting them know that staff were ready to greet them at the airport terminal to assist with their travel arrangements. All passengers were later given the all clear and British Airways has informed them they will be able to travel on a replacement flight later on Sunday.

British Airways statement about the security threat

As reported by the Independent, a spokesperson for British Airways said in a statement that their top priority is always the safety and security of both their customers and the airline crew. The airline stressed that the additional security checks had been carried out merely as a precaution and added they would never allow a flight to take off unless it was safe to do so.

Flight delay comes in the wake of a London terrorist incident

The evacuation of the British Airways plane in Paris comes in the wake of the recent explosion at Parsons Green station on the London Underground.

Some 30 people were injured when an improvised bomb, contained in a bucket in a grocery bag, partially exploded in a train carriage. Several passengers on the train received flash burns, while others were injured in the panic of commuters fleeing the train carriage. The U.K.’s terror threat level was put back to “critical” following the incident, implying further attacks were expected.

Eiffel Tower and Eurostar terminal evacuated

Meanwhile, Paris saw its own potential terror incident at the beginning of the month, when the Eiffel Tower and Eurostar terminal were evacuated following a security alert. The evacuation was made after a man began behaving “strangely” on the second floor of the iconic tower, leading to his arrest by Paris police. The man was seen holding some kind of weapon.