It was earlier reported that a massive manhunt is underway for multiple suspects relating to the explosion that occurred Friday morning on a London Tube train in Parsons Green station. An 18-year-old man was arrested Saturday morning in Dover on suspicion of being involved in the terrorist attack, but the manhunt continues.

While there were no deaths or life-threatening injuries from the blast, the number of people injured in the incident has now been updated to 30, while the UK terror threat level is still “critical,” according to Neil Basu, the Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner.

That threat level means that a further terror attack could be imminent.

Arrest made in Dover related to Tube bombing

There is not much information yet about the 18-year-old man arrested in Dover, other than the fact that he is believed to be involved in the attack and was taken to a police station in Kent. According to a report by BBC, the suspect is due to be moved to London at a later stage. Basu did say that the arrest was a “significant” one, but that the terror threat level is still set as “critical.”

London has not stopped after the attack

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick made her way to Waterloo station on the Tube to join fellow police officers who are currently patrolling in South Bank.

Describing the terrorist attack as "cowardly and indiscriminate," Dick said London didn’t stop after the previous, recent terror attacks and will not stop after this one. Londoners will continue their lives as normal.

30 injured in the London Underground explosion

While originally the number of injured was reported as 29, it has now been updated to 30.

However, most of the injured have been treated for minor injuries at hospitals in various areas of London and have been released. However, NHS England did say three people still remain hospitalized in central London.

‘Significant’ police activity in the streets of London

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, thanked police for their work and warned the public there will still be "significant" police activity over the weekend.

He reminded the public that officers are there to keep them safe. London Underground stations will see more armed officers, as will stations across the U.K., according to British Transport Police Assistant Chief Constable Robin Smith. Meanwhile, with the terror threat level still at “critical,” Basu reminded the public to remain vigilant.

Terror blast at Parsons Green station

As previously reported, the explosion happened on Friday at 8:20 a.m. local time on a London Underground train on the District line route at Parsons Green station. A improvised bomb had been placed in a plastic bucket inside a grocery store bag. As the train arrived at the station and the doors opened, the blast occurred in the last carriage of the train.

The Evening Standard quotes passengers as describing it as a “wall of flame” or a “heat wave,” which burned several passengers. More injuries occurred as panicking passengers fled from the train. Officials say the bomb had only partially exploded.

Police and firefighters arrived on the scene within three minutes, while the first paramedics were on the scene within five minutes, treating and transferring the injured to hospital. The Islamic State later claimed responsibility for attack.

Witnesses to the incident are interviewed in the video below.