Thomas Giglio, 39, had just tied the knot with his brand-new bride, 34-year-old Ela Giglio, when he was arrested. While wedding guests were enjoying a professional-level Firework Display in the backyard of their Massapequa home, Nassau County Police arrived to spoil the fun. Giglio was taken into custody and is facing a felony charge of possessing fireworks without a license.

Neighbors complain about the noise of the wedding firework display

Neighbors in Massapequa had complained to police about the noisy wedding celebration late on Friday night, leading to the bomb squad arriving at the home at around 12:15 a.m.

on Saturday morning. When Nassau County police arrived at the scene, they were greeted with the sound of bursting rockets, while massive blossoms of color brightened the night sky. The noise was reverberating off neighbors’ homes in the area. According to CBS News, embers were falling on neighbors’ roofs and gardens, which could have caused a fire.

Police bust up the wedding celebration taking the groom into custody

As police arrived in the yard they found the wedding party celebrating while professional fireworks were being discharged at the scene.

Upon searching the property, police uncovered many firecrackers, 49 pyrotechnic mortars and a pyrotechnic display cake.The latter reportedly is a commercial-grade firework product that shoots shells into the sky.

When police approached Giglio, he confessed to setting off the firework display and was instantly arrested.

Neighbors’ reactions to the wedding arrest

One unhappy Long Island neighbor told reporters that just when you thought it was all over, the fireworks continued, saying the display went on for a “really long time.” However another neighbor said it was a shame that the groom was arrested on his wedding day. That neighbor, who chose to speak anonymously, said of the couple that they were “very nice people.” She said she is sure they went to a lot of expense to put on the fireworks display and a great party to celebrate the event.

Other neighbors were shocked that the police had been called for a firework display, especially as it occurred only a few days after the Fourth of July celebrations. One said it was a nice family enjoying a beautiful occasion that got picked on by police, while there are drug dealers and squatters all over the neighborhood. The neighbor added that Giglio and his wife are good people and good neighbors.

Felony charge for the groom

According to the Nassau County District Attorney’s office, Giglio went on to be hit with a felony charge of possessing fireworks without a license. He was arraigned in the 1st District Court in Hempstead on a cash bond. As reported by the New York Daily News, it is unknown if he and his new bride were planning to head off on a honeymoon, but Giglio will be back in court on Tuesday.