Alert the living - the dead are taking over museums worldwide. The Dead Body Exhibition is back on tour. The tour which has a total of 14 Real Human Bodies on display is stopping in Dublin, Ireland.

The exhibition internationally known as The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies is to inform visitors about the health and anatomy of a real human body. It’s there to educate about simple things such as overeating and how it damages internal organs.

Real bodies display

The Real Bodies exhibit has seen controversy with many questioning where the bodies were taken from.

The bodies were donated by the Chinese to the Biotechnique Laboratory which Researches the specimens at medical school. The controversy stems from whether the bodies really were donated voluntarily or are instead remains from the country’s political prisoners.

Professor Roy Glover, chief medical director for Bodies – The Exhibition has spoken out numerous time to ensure that the obtaining of bodies is thoroughly checked “We work with a partner that we have the utmost amount of trust in – the Dalian Plastination Facility in Dalian, China. He has sworn affidavits to the effect that the bodies were those who have died of natural causes. We have examined every one of the bodies who come into the show for any evidence of trauma or any kind of physical abuse.”

The samples are preserved by plastination - an impregnational technique carried out in a vacuum where the body tissue is saturated with special plastics.

Heart, body, and mind

The exhibition is sectioned into numerous categories exploring detailed parts of the body, each room has a human detailing the intricate parts of the display. Each model is erected into an athletic pose to highlight how powerful the body is. The most impressive body on display is in the heart and blood room.

The body has been eradicated of the skeleton, skin, and muscle instead is just the body with veins and blood cells.

A fantastic trip for anyone who is interested in the functioning of the body or for those interested in how this museum works, it won’t disappoint. Some of the physiques on display are most certainly not for the faint-hearted or those who feel nauseous easily.

On the way out of the exhibition, there is a chance to donate your body and its parts to science, in order to keep educating and keep exhibits like this going. Many will question whether exhibits like this is still needed, the allure to the museum is the chance to see real human bodies rather than fake models.

The Body Worlds exhibition has been seen by over eight million people in Japan, Germany, Austria and Belgium and over 11 million worldwide. The exhibition has generated much popularity in Ireland it has been scheduled to stay a further month until October 1.