Nikki Haley's comments earlier this week that North Korea was "begging for war" after its latest missile test appears to have angered President Kim Jong-un's government. According to the Daily Mail, North Korean state media warned that the US would "pay dearly" for Ms. Haley's "hysteric fit." Bloomberg, however, wrote of it, saying that, "The U.S. administration will have to pay a dear price for her tongue-lashing.' Either way, the North is seething over it.

The US will pay dearly

Quoting North Korean state-owned news media Korean Central News agency, Fox News and the Daily Mail said that Pyongyang warned that the American government would pay a high price for Ambassador Haley's comments.

The comments from the nuclear-armed state came hot on the heels of a speech that Haley made during a United Nations Security Council meeting on Monday after Pyongyang conducted its sixth and biggest major missile test.

North Korea claimed that it had manufactured a hydrogen bomb that could be attached to a nuclear warhead. United States security officials are convinced that Kim Jong-un's brutal regime has tested an advanced nuclear weapon. During the UN Security Council session on Monday, Ambassador Haley said that the time has come for the world body to quit taking half measures against the rogue state. She urged the Security Council to aggressively pursue all the diplomatic measures with North Korea before it is too late.

She also urged the voting members of the world watchdog to take active measures against the defiant North Korean government.

The United States diplomat also accused President Kim Jong-un of being ignorant of the enormous responsibility that comes with owning nuclear weapons. She accused the dictator of reckless use of missiles, adding that his regular threats to attack the U.S.

and her allies show that he is spoiling for war. Haley stated that while The United States does not want to engage in war, it does not possess unlimited reservoirs of patience, and is ready to defend its territory and its allies.

US military action against North Korea

The ambassador's strongly worded sentiments led to heightened speculation that President Donald Trump could be considering military action against North Korea.

During a press conference on Thursday, Trump said that while a military campaign against Pyongyang is not "inevitable," it could still happen. The U.S. leader boasted that his country's armed forces now possess "new and beautiful" weapons that could be employed in a potential conflict with North Korea. He added that should the U.S. military unleash its might on North Korea; it would be a sad day for Pyongyang.

On Sunday, American Defense Secretary revealed after a meeting with Trump, that the U.S. leader asked what military options are available to deal with North Korea. According to The Independent, Mattis added that any threats to the United States or its allies would be met with military might.