A recent report on the Health Affairs Blog stated that advocacy is critical in the Fight against AIDS and HIV.

Health Affairs Blog stated that advocacy offers a substantial leverage when addressing challenges that the world now faces. Advocacy reportedly provides an arena where philanthropic efforts can make significant contributions.

It has also been reported that the Trump administration might offer threats to slow progress since there are budget cuts that are planned and made. This will lay further inequities and affect people who are more vulnerable to the Hiv And Aids, Health Affairs Blog added.

Existing efforts

The website also noted that there are currently various philanthropic efforts designed to offer advancements in science and therapy. These efforts are also reportedly focused on changing policies and shifting public opinion, providing an open space where people more prone to HIV and AIDS can air their sides.

Renowned cosmetics company MAC Cosmetics reportedly offers 100 percent of its Viva Glam products to support people affected by the disease. The company provides this support for men, women, and children around the world. Furthermore, part of these funds were utilized for HIV and AIDS awareness, as well as for advocacy, Health Affairs Blog further noted.

Aside from MAC Cosmetics, clothing company Levi Strauss reportedly started a foundation and became the first corporate foundation that supported access to equipment needed to prevent HIV.

According to Health Affairs Blog, Levi Strauss Foundation has projects to support access to sterile syringes, a method used to prevent the disease.

Moreover, the website stated that The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has a program called the AIDS Health Services Program that presented grants to communities. In 1986, the foundation contributed $17.2 million reportedly to support the improvement of community actions for HIV and AIDS.

Reducing the stigma

Advocacy reports are helping reduce the stigma about the deadly diseases, expand legal work for victims of discrimination, protect the rights of patients and fight widespread judgment, Health Affairs Blog further noted.

However, there is still a great need to fund these efforts since the fight against these two diseases “is dramatically underfunded.” The article further mentioned that contributions from global donors could have greater impact if focused on things that can be effective. Today, there is an expanded array of resources coming from groups that are willing to provide funds, the blog stated.