A disturbing incident was recently reported of a jogger, running across Putney Bridge in London, who deliberately shoved a woman off the sidewalk and into the oncoming traffic. The woman was only saved by the quick-thinking action of a Bus Driver, whose vehicle could easily have struck her.

After the May 5 incident, the bus stopped, while passengers climbed off to help the woman. Fortunately, she only suffered some bruising and back pain from the sudden attack. However, around 15 minutes later, the same jogger returned, passing her again on the bridge and running in the other direction.

When she tried to get his attention, he ignored her.

Bus driver narrowly avoids falling woman

As reported by the Evening Standard it was the quick reflexes of the London bus driver that saved the life of the woman after she was pushed into traffic by the jogger. In the surveillance video, included here, a jogger can be seen to ignore one pedestrian but to suddenly head straight for the woman, reaching out his hand and sending her flying into the road.

Many consider the bus driver to be a Hero for his quick actions. However, Go Head London, which employs the bus driver in question, said in a recent statement that the driver had said while he was pleased to be a hero, he was merely doing his job.

The driver went on to say he is also pleased to have been able to react like he did and that the woman received no serious injuries.

However, his colleagues apparently think the bus driver deserves a medal for his quick thinking.

The Standard reports the bus was traveling at approximately 12 mph when it happened.

Arrest made but suspect released

In the meanwhile, since London Police released the dramatic CCTV footage, they have reportedly received excellent feedback from the public. On Thursday a man was taken into custody relating to the incident but was reportedly released.

41-year-old Eric Bellquist, a U.S. citizen, was questioned by police but denies any involvement.

As reported by the Mail Online, Berquist's company in London, Hutton Collins, released a statement on Friday to say Bellquist was in the United States at the time of the incident. His attorney said in a statement that Bellquist was wrongly implicated and denies any involvement, also stating he was in the U.S. at the time it occurred.

London police are continuing their appeal for witnesses to the incident to come forward and assist in their investigation.