Surveillance footage caught the moment when a Jogger on the bridge deliberately pushed the woman in front of a passing bus. The incident occurred on May 5, when a woman was walking across the Putney Bridge in London on her way to work.

Video footage released of jogger pushing woman into traffic

While the woman survived the shocking incident, London police have now released the video footage in hopes of arresting the aggressive jogger. The video footage, taken at around 7:40 a.m. on May 5 (included below), shows the jogger passing a man on the sidewalk of the bridge with no incident.

However, the jogger can be seen to angle himself so as to deliberately attack the 33-year-old woman who was also walking across the bridge. The footage shows him deliberately bumb into the woman, sending her sprawling into the traffic, where a bus narrowly misses her head while swerving away just in time.

Ignoring the incident, the jogger then continues his run. As reported by Newsweek, several passengers climbed off the bus to run to the woman’s aid. She reportedly suffered back pain and bruising from her ordeal.

Jogger returned to the bridge but ignored the woman

According to a report by the Evening Standard, the jogger returned around 15 minutes later and according to police, the woman attempted to speak to the jogger but he ignored her, continuing his run.

Since the video footage was released, fears have been raised about similar attacks in London. Wandsworth Police Sgt. Mat Knowles said in a statement that members of the public had contacted him to report similar incidents relating to aggressive joggers in various areas of London. Speaking of the current jogger, Knowles said it was clearly a deliberate act on his part – the footage showed his hands coming across and pushing the women into the traffic.

After receiving so many calls, Knowles says incidents of this nature are possibly more prevalent than he previously thought and that possibly similar incidents are going unreported.

Knowles praised the quick reactions of the bus driver in swerving to avoid the woman, saying she had been placed in “extreme danger” by the jogger and urged the public to come forward if they recognize the man from the video footage.

Knowles told the Evening Standard that it was clear she was the only person on the sidewalk at the time of the incident and that it is between eight to 10 feet in width, giving plenty of room for the jogger to pass.