United States government officials have revealed that President Donald trump's growing skepticism about the ongoing war in Afghanistan has delayed the implementation of a new approach in South Asia. According to the sources, there has also been a suspicion that the American military commander in the area could be relieved of his duties.

Inner circle disagreements

According to Reuters, President Trump demanded during a meeting in the White House that his senior security counsels give more details on ways to bring the war to a close. The United States has been camped in Afghanistan for sixteen years, fighting the Taliban militant group. However, there seems to be no viable end the war that has cost American taxpayers billions of dollars.

The meeting, which was held on July nineteenth, grew raucous after Trump suggested that US Defense Secretary James Mattis should come up with a plan to fire General John Nicholson. Nicholson is the commander of American forces in Afghanistan. In Trump's opinion, Nicholson deserves to be fired for not winning the war.

A source said that once the stormy meeting was concluded, Steve Bannon, the president's chief strategist, got into a heated argument with H.R McMaster, the White House national security adviser, over the direction of the country's foreign policy. Many top officials exited the meeting bewildered by Trump's outrageous claims that military was the reason why The United States was not making steps towards eradicating the Taliban.

According to officials, Mr. McMaster and other top officials are trying to come up with replies to the President's questions. The officials hope to convince the temperamental Trump to stamp his approval for the new strategy. Top Trump aides will hold another meeting on Thursday this week.

More troop deployments

Earlier this year, Trump directed the US Defense Secretary to deploy US soldiers in any way he sees fit.

As a result, Mattis plans to beef up the troops based in Afghanistan with an additional four thousand men. Currently, there are approximately eight thousand, four hundred soldiers in the war-ravaged Afghanistan. However, the troops currently stationed there have been caught up in the delay surrounding the proposed new foreign policy strategy.

President Trump has always voiced his disapproval for the United State's never-ending involvement in international conflicts. According to officials, the Republican has long insisted that the US should demand that Kabul share it's estimated 1 trillion mineral wealth, in exchange for Washington's continued support for the country's fledgling government.