North Korea President Kim Jong-un will wait to see what action the United States takes before deciding on whether to fire missiles at the unincorporated American territory of Guam. According to the KCNA, Pyongyang's official media outlet, Kim has already received a report from his military officials about plans to launch missiles towards Guam.

North Korea ready to act against U.S provocation

Guam residents were concerned last week after North Korea claimed that it was formulating plans to launch four missiles into the waters off the island country.

According to the KNCA, President Kim inspected his country's command on Monday. Kim also examined the plan to launch missiles into Guam's territorial waters and discussed the details with top North Korean army officials.

The KNCA reported that Kim said that if the United States continues with its dangerous and provocative actions on the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang could make an important decision.

Tensions were raised last week after North Korea announced its plan to launch missiles at Guam. United States President Donald Trump warned that he was prepared to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea, should he feel that North Korean actions are a threat to the U.S. and its allies.

However, American and South Korean government officials have since tried to water down fears that North Korea and Washington are headed towards a potential military clash.

During his inspection of his country's army, Kim stated that the United States should take the appropriate steps to relieve the anxiety that has gripped the Korean Peninsula and the world as a whole. The KCNA said that the North Korean President ordered the country's army to remain on the alert, in the event that he decides to launch attacks.

Implementation of U.N sanctions

Meanwhile, China's government issued a ban on Monday on several products from North Korea. The ban, which takes effect from Tuesday, affects North Korean products which include iron ore, seafood, and coal.

China's move is in accordance with new United Nations sanctions that were slapped on North Korea this month.

Issuing the ban, Beijing announced that any products from the north already on their way to China would pass through customs before the deadline placed by the United Nations kicks into place.

The United Nations sanctions have to be implemented thirty days after the resolution was ratified. The sanctions were approved on August 6, after the United States lobbied for Kim's government to be punished for its continued refusal to abandon its nuclear weapons program.