After suffering three international missile launch fails, North Korea has finally managed to successfully launch a Ballistic Missile. US Intelligence tracked the missile's trajectory and determined that it traveled a distance of roughly 800 km and it was not an ICBM capable of reaching the United States mainland.

What kind of missile did North Korea launch?

According to Japanese and US Intelligence, the missile was an unidentified type. The missile traveled an estimated 800 km from Kusong and landed 250 km off the East coast of North Korea. Japanese defense minister, Tomomi Inada said that the missile reached an altitude of 2,000 km.

Though the US does not classify this missile as an ICBM, some analysts theorize that this new North Korean missile will be able to reach a maximum distance of 4,500 km. This range is longer than the North Korean Musudan missile, which has a maximum distance of 3,000 km.

What is the reaction of the United States over this missile test?

US defense reiterated that any ICBM test might be responded to with an interception or a preemptive strike. This is in line with Trump's declarations of handling Pyongyang if they go too far with their tests.

The US military already has its THAAD system in place in South Korea, which is expected to target and eliminate incoming missiles from North Korea. Aside from this, the USS Carl Vinson has attack capabilities to destroy missile sites and destroyer escorts fitted with Aegis missiles to destroy anti-ship missiles heading its way.

However, the Pentagon is weary of the North Korean missile development and favors immediate action to stop its advancement. A preemptive strike at North Korea might be the only way to stop its development, but may result in the death of millions when DPRK artillery bombards Seoul in retaliation.

Does China condemn or condone North Korea's success?

China remains silent over the success of North Korea's missile test. However it did condemn its continued research into Nuclear weapons. The US demands China to pressure Pyongyang to stop its belligerent attitude but so far China has only given North Korea a verbal warning.

Japan voiced concern over the missile test, saying that it is an unacceptable provocation that goes against UN security council resolutions. Australia also condemned the test and will cooperate on how to end North Korea's ballistic dream.

Though the test is still technically in the development phase of DPRK's ballistic program, it is a leap forward from the string of fails it experienced over the past few months. If North Korea has their way it may be a short time period until this rogue country manages to develop a missile that will surely reach the US mainland.