Threats of a nuclear attack on the tropical island of Guam and the exchange of words between North Korea and the United States has not had any appreciable effect on tourist arrival in Guam. The population of the U.S. territory is slightly over 150,000 but it had attracted nearly 1.5 million visitors last year, and tourism is its bread and butter.

Tourists arrive from Japan and South Korea

Oregon Live reports that one portion of Guam is occupied by the United States which it uses as a military outpost to house its weapons like bombers and submarines along with necessary equipment to maintain them in serviceable condition.

The island is also gifted with sandy beaches and aquamarine waters that attract the tourists, majority of whom are from Japan and South Korea. This is because of proximity- it takes roughly three hours to reach Guam by plane from major cities in these countries.

A travel agent clarified that North Korea creates tension at regular intervals and the people have got used to such situations. To stress his point of view, the agent informed that his company had sent thousands of travelers to Guam and most of them have availed package tours. A Japanese tourist echoed similar sentiments when she justified her visit. She said Japan and South Korea are at equal risk of an attack by North Korea, so staying at home in Japan will not guarantee safety.

Antonio Muna, vice president of Guam Visitors Bureau, has remarked that Guam tourism has seen an increase in the number of tourists from South Korea. One reason for this is believed to be the introduction of additional flights between Guam and South Korea by low-cost airlines which has resulted in a boost in arrival figures that reached a 20-year high in July.

Officials expect the trend to continue in August also.

Effects of North Korean threats

North Korea had been developing nuclear weapons over a period and with every test, it claimed improvement in performance of its missiles. The tests were regularly monitored by agencies in Japan and South Korea, and the feedback was a matter of concern because it seemed that North Korea was on its way to launch an ICBM.

Finally, it threatened the United States of conducting a nuclear strike on it and the United Nations Security Council reacted by imposing a fresh round of sanctions. That has unnerved Pyongyang, and it has threatened to attack Guam.

Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo of Guam has assured his people that they are protected and safe. The United States has a military establishment on the island and would, therefore, take evasive action to protect its assets. The administration is aware of the problem and has already taken action to advise the people on precautions they should take to minimize injuries in the event of an attack.