US President Donald Trump always looks at the bright side of any issue and the threat from North Korea, of striking Guam with a nuclear missile, is no exception. Therefore, while discussing the matter with Gov. Eddie Calvo, Trump has assured him of total support and has added that it will be beneficial to Guam because it would give a boost to the island’s tourism.

The Governor has, apparently, agreed with his views and confirmed that the island is indeed a paradise and the present occupancy is over 90 percent. He expects it to go up further once the crisis blows over.

Tourism is the lifeline of Guam

According to New York Times, the economy of Guam is dependent on tourism and the United States military which is present. The island, located some 2,200 miles from North Korea and comparable in size to Chicago, has a population of slightly more than 150,000. However, the remarks made by Donald Trump about the boost in Guam’s tourism, if the attack materializes, has worried a section of the people. They know that if the worst comes to the worst, the strike will make the island deserted and unfit for survival.

Incidentally, the threats of possible aggression against Guam has led to debates about the presence of the military. Some activists want an independent Guam because they feel that the presence of US military installations is attracting the attention of North Korea.

Precautions in case of attack

The action that North Korea could take is not known, and in spite of assurances from US President Donald Trump, the situation at the ground level in Guam is one of uncertainty. It's Governor Eddie Calvo has informed that many buildings have been constructed to withstand powerful typhoons, but there was no protection against a nuclear attack.

The leadership in Pyongyang is maintaining suspense over its plans, and the authorities in Guam have issued instructions to its people on how to remain safe in case of an attack. Fox News has reported that everyone must run for shelter and take cover immediately in a concrete structure, preferably underground.

It also advises that people should avoid eye contact with the flash of the fireball because that could make one blind.

Other safety aspects refer to removal of radioactive material. The advice is to take a shower with lots of soap and water to help remove the contamination. The person affected must not scratch or scrub the skin and should not use hair conditioner because such an action would bind radioactive material to the hair.

The fact sheet has been issued by Guam's Office of Civil Defence and titled ‘Preparing for an Imminent Missile Threat, through ’ but it is not known just how the people would come to know about the impending attack.