The Waterdown, Ontario (Canada), home of alleged mobster Pasquale “Fat Pat” Musitano was sprayed with 19 shots from a “military-style rifle” on June 27, according to police. His family was inside the home asleep at the time, and no one was hit or injured. The Shooting happened less than two months following the May 2 murder of the Musitano’s 39-year-old brother, Angelo Musitano. Police worry the shooting at Musitano’s home might be a warning sign, possibly of additional violence ahead.

Police discovered 19 spent shell casings from a full-capacity magazine, military-style rifle, according to retired Hamilton police officer Mark Morelli, who runs The Canadian Gun Vault, which is a firearms advocacy and marketing organization.

According to The Hamilton Spectator, Morelli further said that the casings seemed to be high-velocity, .223 caliber – quick, small and fast, yet not with as deep, penetrating impact as other calibers.

The firearm, he said, was most likely trafficked illegally from the U.S., since that the type of semi-automatic weapon is deemed a restricted in Canada.

Though police verified, for The Hamilton Spectator, that the shooting involved a vehicle, it’s not known, at this time, precisely what took place until the outcome of forensic testing is finished, said Detective Sergeant Mike Cunliffe.

Law enforcement looking for public’s help, along with answers

Police are asking anyone who has information about the shooting or surveillance video authorities seized, from around the scene of the incident, to contact law enforcement, especially if anyone has information or video that was taken on Cumberland or Delaware avenues.

Authorities are continuing to investigate whether there are ties between the shooting at Musitano home on St. Clair Boulevard and the prior shooting death of his brother Angelo. Authorities are also investigating if the shootings are connected to previous or continuing organized crime and its resulting violence. If the shooting of the home is related to the shooting that took Angelo Musitano’s life, Cunliffe said the evidence will be relayed to the homicide unit.

While the Musitano family has spoken with police investigators, the family has not, yet, granted interviews or accepted any protection from law enforcement since the shootings.

Mobster family under police radar since 2006 prison release

Brothers Pasquale and Angelo have not been in law enforcement’s scope of attention since they were released from prison in October 2006 – after pleading guilty to conspiring to kill Carmen Barillaro, Niagara Falls mobster.

Still, police allege the Musitano crime organization is very much active. The Musitanos are a traditional mafia family. According to The Hamilton Spectator, there are three traditional mafia families in Hamilton, Ontario.

September 2015 was the most recent time, prior to the shooting, that police investigated Pasquale after his 2013 Ford Edge was set ablaze in his driveway. The outcome was that no charges were filed.

Neighbors heard shots

Musitano’s neighbors heard the shots at 2:17 a.m., June 27. Nick Dismatsek said it was loud blasts that “you don’t hear every night.” People were gathering in the area, also, he stated. His mother said that she, as well, heard shots and thought it was her son’s e-bike battery that exploded.

She understood that wasn’t the situation after the eight shot. The shooting, according to her, had a “rhythm.” Police arrived on the street in less than five minutes, she stated.

Dismatsek, who has lived in the area for 15 years, said that he’s not worried. “Those people wouldn’t do it to anyone else” aside from who is targeted.