Just recently, the Trump administration has called Gulf nations to increase its effort against terrorism. While speaking to the White House on Friday, the President urged Qatar and other Gulf allies to fix their differences in order to end the Diplomatic crisis. On the other hand, Rex Tillerson, the US Secretary of State, also called other countries to stop the blockade of Qatar.

Further, President Trump asked Qatar to get back to unity with other countries against terrorism. It was known that some of the Gulf allies like Saudi Arabi, UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain had cut their ties following the allegation that Qatar is the leading supporter of extremism and terrorism in their region.

In line with this, Qatar now faces the biggest crisis of the year.

Trump accuses Qatar of funding terrorism

In the recent statements of Trump on Friday, the US president has accused Qatar of being the prime source of funds of the terrorist. He further revealed that during his visit to Saudi Arabia, some nations urged him to confront Qatar to stop supporting extremism. Apparently, the President accused Qatar of supporting the Islamist group even when he failed to prove it with evidence.

Further, the US President is deemed to make a decision whether to take the easy road or to take the hard but necessary decision over the region. US President Trump asked all nations to stop supporting extremism.

In his recent speech, he added, "Stop teaching people to kill other people. Stop filling their minds with hate and intolerance."

Stop diplomatic crisis

Amid Trump's call to fight back against terrorism, Tillerson, on the other hand, appealed to the Gulf allies to end the diplomatic crisis. He added that such incident hinders support from the US.

It further hinders the support from the US military in the region as well as the campaign against ISIS. Meanwhile, Qatar citizens were also affected especially when transportation links among the areas were suspended.

Tillerson was also concerned about the shortage of foods in Doha. He added that a number of families were being affected especially in this Holy month of Ramadan.

In response, the UAE has also acknowledged such call from Tillerson, and they added that Qatar should address these concerns and must stop its support to terrorism.

Moreover, the UAE ambassador had also accepted the support from Trump in challenging Qatar with its regional policies. Probably, Qatar should commit on a change of policy if they wanted to end this diplomatic crisis the soonest time possible. Apparently, the Gulf allies are just waiting for Qatar to take its primary action.