There is a growing demand for the release of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo. According to Aljazeera, Xiaobo’s wife says that cancer in his liver is far beyond surgery.

U.S demand for the unconditional release of the Nobel laureate

On Tuesday, the US urged the Chinese government to give Xiaobo and his wife Liu Xia freedom of movement and choice of his own doctors. There have been persistent questions about Liu Xiaobo’s medical attention in prison.

According to Aljazeera, a short video of Liu Xia has emerged, where she crying and telling a friend that there was no treatment such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or radiation that would function for her husband.

Human Rights crusaders are shocked by the inhuman nature of Chinese government

Human-rights lawyers and human-rights activists are advocating for the unconditional release of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate to undergo medication for advanced-stage liver cancer. Liu had been granted medical bail, owing to the delicate nature of his health condition.

Aljazeera reports indicate that human-rights crusaders and enraged supporters have questioned whether the democracy activist had received sufficient attention or if the Chinese government had intentionally allowed him to rot in jail.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner was jailed in 2009 for 11 years. He was accused of "inciting rebellion of state power." Liu Xiaobo helped to write a petition referred as 'Charter 08' advocating for political transformations.

The Chinese government has criticized those pushing for Liu’s release and termed it as an attempt "to interfere with its sovereignty."

Petitions have been signed by hundreds of Chinese lawyers, advocates, and allies demanding the administration to free Liu and permit his wife to have interaction with "the outside world." Petitioners are also calling upon the authorities to conduct an in-depth probe into the circumstances that led to the worsening of his health.

Prison officers said that Liu is being attended to by "eight renowned Chinese oncologists" at a hospital in Shenyang. Aljazeera reports that AFP news agencies were told by friends of the couple that Liu Xia has been permitted to visit him there.

On Tuesday, around 70 supporters of Liu in Hong Kong went to the streets demanding his immediate release.

Chants of the Chinese government as a "murderer" rented the air, as they strongly denounced his captivity.

Human rights crusaders wondered why he wasn’t given parole earlier. They questioned whether he received any medication while he was in prison. Amnesty international’s Patrick Poon said that "It is very hard to comprehend why his sickness is only treated at the final stage."