Russia issued a stern warning to the US-led coalition battling in Syria that they would target planes flying over Syria. On Sunday, the US military shot down a Syrian Air Force jet. Russia said that it will target planes flying west of the River Euphrates.

Russia will target US planes flying over Syria

Pentagon said that the coalition shot down the Syrian SU-22, on suspicion that the jet dropped bombs near the US partner forces in the Raqqa region. Bombs were thrown around syrian democratic forces (SDF). SDF are affiliated to the US forces, in the fight to seize Raqqa from the control of Islamic State.

The US-allied SDF includes the Arab fighters and Kurdish, with assistance from the Western forces.

According to the Guardian, US military confirmed that the US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet engaged the Syrian SU-22 fighter and shot it down on Sunday. Spokesman of the US Central command Col. John Thomas said that the US military was not around at the time of the attack, but SDF had been under danger for over two hours.

The attack is believed to be the first one of its kind, to the Syrian air force Plane, six years after the beginning of the Syrian civil war. Reports from BBC, indicates that SDF were attacked by pro-government militiamen. The militiamen, supported by the government, managed to drive SDF from Ja’Din.

However, Syria and Russia says that the warplane was on an operation to fight IS, when it was shot. Russia defense minister say that there was no warning by the US. Russia first responded through the deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov who said that: “This airstrike has to be viewed as a perpetuation of America’s line to disrespect the standards of international law.”

According to the Guardian, US President Donald Trump promised to increase the supply of arms to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

SDF has proved to be the most effective force to free Raqqa from the manacle of the Islamic State.

Russia to suspend its communication with US

Russia, a strong supporter of Syria President Bashar al-Assad, said that it was stopping any communications with the US in a bid to prevent airstrike incidences. According to BBC reports, Syria strongly condemned the “attack” terming it as “dangerous repercussions.”

This is not the first incident of the suspension of communications between the two nations.

BBC report indicates that in April, the hotline was closed down after the US threw 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat airbase. However, Russia and U.S had agreed to recommence communications last month. Russian military issued a statement saying that: “The command of the coalition forces did not use the communication channel that was established in averting incidents in Syrian skies.”