A report by the Australian news service ABC has uncovered a horrifying fact. Dogs are being captured and brutally killed on the island of Bali and then served up on unsuspecting tourists’ plates. Even scarier is the fact that many of the island’s dogs are being poisoned, leading to a serious health risk to those who consume the meat. While it is legal to sell and eat Dog Meat in Indonesia and Bali in general, killing the animals by cruel methods is most certainly against the law.

Dog satay in Bali, Indonesia

As reported by the Huffington Post, an investigation was run by Animals Australia, who sent an undercover investigator to the island to find out exactly what is going on.

Lyn White, the campaign director, said that the dog meat trade breaches both food safety and animal cruelty laws. White said when tourists are in Bali, they may see a street or beach food seller offering satay. While they may think what they are buying and consuming is chicken, it is in actual fact dog meat. Reportedly on top of this, specialty restaurants or street sellers with the letters RW displayed indicates that dog meat is being served up, but most tourists wouldn’t know this fact.

However, White did say their investigation isn’t about laying blame on anyone.

They are trying to stop the horrendous and unnecessary cruelty to dogs which then puts human health at risk. The organization is keen to partner up with the government in Bali to bring about positive change.

Undercover investigator finds out the awful truth about dog meat in Bali

Animals Australia’s undercover investigator spent a period of four months on the island under the guise of being a documentary maker reporting on local cuisine, while actually looking into the dog meat trade in Bali.

As he gradually infiltrated the dog meat trade in Bali, he was invited to see exactly how the dogs are caught. While many are captured on the streets of Bali, some dogs are purchased from their owners for around $10 and then brutally killed.

Speaking to ABC, the investigator – whose name was given as Luke to protect his identity – said he first pinpointed the key players in the island’s unregulated dog meat industry and got to know them.

They then invited him to ride along as their members hunted, stole, poisoned and killed stray dogs on the island. Luke said nothing had prepared him for what he was about to uncover.

83-year-old Bali man captures and kills dogs for a living

One of the hunters he met was 83-year-old Pak Puris, who told him he doesn’t personally eat dog as it makes him want to vomit. However, Puris has no problem killing the dogs using a metal pole and has, reportedly, being doing so for around 30 years. According to the hunter, he has personally killed thousands of dogs, saying there was no other work available to him at his age.

Luke also met up with a group of the dog hunters, who laced fish with cyanide and fed it to the animals.

In this case, the investigator says he turned off his small video camera, while watching a puppy take several agonizing minutes to die.

Chinese immigrants may have imported the idea of the dog meat trade

While the Bali Animal Welfare Association tries its best to cut down on the brutal mistreatment of dogs, it seems they aren’t succeeding at present. The animal shelter reportedly only currently has around 150 dogs in its care, while approximately 70,000 canines are illegally slaughtered and poisoned every year.

While investigations continue, it is probably a good idea for visitors to the exotic island to go vegetarian during their stay.

Warning: The video below will be upsetting to sensitive viewers.