The decision to give Vladimir Putin an open forum on US television is an interesting one, and results of Megyn Kelly's recent talk with the Russian leader are fascinating. Until recently, the concept of a secret group that maneuvered behind the scenes in the USA was not a commonly used concept, and certainly wasn't talked about in prime time interviews.

In the discussion that transpired between the attractive television presenter and the former KGB strongman, some very off the wall ideas were put forth, as well as stringent denials of some popular narratives that are currently banging around in the US media.

The JFK what?

Vladimir Putin brought up the assassination of sitting President John F. Kennedy, and related it to the ire that is currently being fomented between Trump's administration and Russia. Conspiratorial theories abound around the death of JFK, but they are rarely talked about in the mainstream press.

In the Kelly interview, Mr. Putin put forth the idea that JFK may have been killed by US intelligence services, and that those same forces could be working behind the scenes to unknown, and likely nefarious ends.

He went on to assert that the idea of a conspiracy to kill JFK by US intel officers couldn't be ruled out, and today it would be far easier to cause major problems by using the some techniques.

Clearly this is an extremely murky area to be wading around in, and one wonders what he may be alluding to.

No dice

When it comes to the incessant news flow that puts Putin in bed with Trump before the election, he was totally dismissive. Mr. Putin reaffirmed that he had never met with the presidential candidate in the run-up to the election, and that the continuing allegations of wrongdoing by Trump&Co.

are “domestic political squabbles”

The long list of denial and refutations didn't stop there, when asked about the super secret back channel that was apparently being crafted by Michael Flynn and his ambassador to the US he replied that to his knowledge no such thing existed, at least as far as he knows.

He did concede to sitting next to and talking to the retired U.S.

Army lieutenant general at an RT gala where Mr. Flynn was paid $45,000 to speak, but past that, he denied any further connection.

Mr. Putin's tone did take on a scolding tone at times, especially when referring to supposed meetings between Ambassador Kislyak and Trump officials, when we described the media innuendo as, “another load of nonsense.”

Overall Vladimir Putin wasn't going to bite into any of the narratives that seem very popular in the US media at the moment, and we are left to wonder why he felt the need to invoke the assassination of JFK in such a public manner.