Police K9 Unit Taiwan: Cuteness levels of the Police K9 Unit of Taiwan National Police Agency (NPA) is not something criminals would usually stop to consider as the unit is super-efficient when it comes to their members sniffing out drugs, bombs, and criminals. Nevertheless, for dog lovers not of a criminal bent, the latest additions to the unit are simply making heaps of melting moments across the Internet.

The NPA first posted up pictures of six of their newest recruits about a week ago and after looking at the photos of these beautiful pups, one can understand why they instantly went viral right around the world.

Taiwan Police puppies have gone viral: totally cute

The pups who were born to Police Dog Yellow have been named Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ, and Full Moon.

In terms of cuteness, the photo below goes right off the scale.

Of course, the little ones are too young to know that one day they will become specialists in the field of protection of society.

They simply look too cute right now to ever make a criminal tremble but they come from a bloodline that is not new to the tough and dangerous job of law enforcement. Hopefully, that toughness is somewhere underneath the sleepy-eyed cuddle bundles.

In their online story of the new K9 recruits, Inside Edition said that the pups will be trained in Taipei and will join the 22 member unit one day to be on official duty.

Police working dogs have their very own special appeal

Police K9 working dogs have a special appeal to dog lovers. They are so sleek, disciplined and very clever. Their training starts young. Cody Miller, a retired K9 trainer told me that they usually get an inkling about the recruit's potential to meet the high standards of police work while the pups are young but in most instances they won't be able to sniff out and find a particular object until they are into their seventh or eighth month of training.

What happens to K9 cute recruits who flunk training?

Police dogs so sometimes flunk their training course just like their human counterparts. What happens to the K9 who is just too cute or not aggressive enough to stay in the police force? Recently a story about a police dog who was too nice to be an officer went viral. Dog lovers were thrilled to read that Australian pup in training, Gavel was recruited to be Vice Regal Dog at the residence of Queensland's Governor. The BBC reported that Gavel is doing just fine in his new role as guest meet and greeter.

Dogs that don't make it sometimes go off to be trained as guide dogs, or are adopted into the homes of other police officers.

Seeing that these newest cuteTaiwan K9 recruits were born into the police force, it is hoped that all of the cute little ones will pass their training and become part of the frontline in the fight against crime.

Despite being so cute, K9 pups who graduate to work with the unit are a real asset to police officers who put their lives on the line every day. There was a particular young beagle type of dog that I met in Sydney Airport one day. His cuteness appeal was so great that his little safety vest read "Don't pet me I am on duty - not here to be your friend." Judging by the cuteness levels of melting moments these newest Taiwan Police K9 recruits are displaying right now, they have a while to go before they strike fear into the hearts of criminals.