Julian Assange offered to assist tech companies fix flaws stated in the CIA documents leaked by the hacktivist organization he founded, WikiLeaks. However, Silicon Valley has showed disinterest. Assange’s offer comes in the wake of the latest CIA controversy, wherein WikiLeaks exposed what is dubbed as the “Vault 7.”

The leaked documents disclosed information on the hacking techniques allegedly practiced by the agency to turn smart devices, such as mobile phones and TVs, into surveillance tools. Furthermore, it also revealed the existence of a so-called special hacking unit inside CIA, where Android and iOS devices are being targeted.

Tech companies doubt Assange’s motives

Thursday last week saw the WikiLeaks founder offered help to help tech companies by way of providing them with more details on CIA’s hacking methods. In a press conference at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange said that WikiLeaks has decided to work with tech companies and provide them with exclusive information to carry out proper fixes.

Silicon Valley isn’t concerned of the leaks, however – the tech giants are instead worried of the alleged Russia-WikiLeaks ties. “I don’t think WikiLeaks is the first stop for tech companies looking to solve vulnerabilities,” said Paul Lipman, CEO for BullGuard. “The fact that Julian Assange is offering to selectively disclose vulnerability information to affected companies is better than revealing it to all and sundry.”

Meanwhile, Apple said that the Vault 7 malpractices have been already addressed, and vulnerabilities within its system have been secured.

On the other hand, Google believes that its operating systems are not at risk of any attack upon reviewing the CIA documents.

Assange’s alleged ties to Russia

“No one in the information security community really trusts him and his motives,” Ryan Kalember said, SVP of Cybersecurity Strategy at Proofpoint. “I think at this point Assange is effectively acting in the service of the Russian government, whether intentionally or not.”

Assange has been accused of favoring Donald Trump upon WikiLeaks involvement with the Clinton-Podesta scandal during last year’s presidential elections.

Intel officials in the US also believe that Russia was responsible for hacking Democrats to ensure the success of President Trump.

Assange has since dismissed all accusations of Russia ties. In the press conference, he said WikiLeaks had always been neutral and does not put favor in anybody or any organization.