I suspect that we all look at what might be next, with a lot of wonder, a little bit of skepticism, and the certain knowledge that we are going to find out. Jacques Fresco expressed his views in this short video. Whether you agree with his viewpoint or not, he will certainly make an impression on you.

A close friend of Albert Einstein

One of the greatest minds of our time left us with so much to contemplate and study. His life was a journey of exploration and discovery. One of those who went before Jacques Fresco was mentor and fellow mastermind, Albert Einstein.

Before Fresco was 12 years old, he already knew that a school classroom was not the place for him. He would find himself in conversations with his young friends about science, physics, philosophy and mathematics.

An explorer and inventor

Fresco was a self-educated explorer who chose to seek his own education instead of learning in a classroom. He was born in New York and hitchhiked across the United States when he was a teenager. Others quickly saw the potential in him and he was soon drafting airplane designs. This was his starting point. What followed was a lifetime of conjuring up new concepts and infrastructure. His inventions ranged from driverless cars and extruded dwellings to floating cities.

The Venus Project, hidden in central Florida, displays Fresco's idea of a futuristic world

The project operates as a self-sufficient utopia, demonstrating a world that is resource-driven instead of capital-driven. Dome-shaped structures complement the rich, tropical trees. Inside some of these buildings is a world from another time.

There are futuristic gadgets and gizmos displayed everywhere.

Fresco designed a computerized distribution system. It would not have emotion, greed, ambition or hidden agendas. It would not be susceptible to corruption. Even though many of his advocates did not find all his ideas believable, they were fascinated by the constant flow of inventions and concepts coming from The Venus Project.

A man with no limits

Jacques Fresco was more than just multi-faceted; he was without boundaries. If you could dream it up and describe what it does, he could design it, build it, and make it work. He excelled and was employed as an aircraft designer, military concept designer, industrial project designer, concept housing designer, psychologist, lecturer and educator. He also worked on earthquake resistant housing and 3D film technology. The list of his accomplishments is too long to cite.

Jacques published many papers, but his best work is found in his main text, "The Best That Money Can't Buy," published in 2002. He impacted the lives of thousands of men and women, demonstrating the amazing, creative ability of the human mind. If you would care to look into the future, through the eyes of one of our most brilliant thinkers, watch the video embedded here. It is possibly his best live presentation.