The recent missile tests by Pyongyang have set a cat among the pigeons as is seen by the hurried activities of Seoul and Washington who organized joint aerial drills with South Korea. In addition, Washington has decided to send across one more warship to augment the other two that are already in the Korean peninsula. It can be assumed that, by the repeated launch of missiles coupled with showing off its firepower, North Korea is sending a message to the United States to unnerve it.

Is a showdown on the cards?

Daily Mail UK reports that South Korea conducted joint drills with a U.S.

supersonic B-1B Lancer bomber. It followed accusations by North Korea that the United States was organizing a drill in preparation for dropping nuclear bombs. To prove their point, North Korea's state media reported that a long-range, multi-mission supersonic aircraft carried out a nuclear bomb dropping drill over South Korea. This was confirmed by the defense ministry of South Korea but no details were given.

These drills were undertaken near the Military Demarcation Line border between North and South Korea five hours after North test-fired its missile. The reason for the reaction would appear to be the repeated and fast-paced missile tests that Pyongyang was carrying out in defiance of world pressure.

With every test, it keeps reporting improvements in the performance of the weapons.

North Korea is aware of threats of more sanctions hanging over their heads like the sword of Damocles but wants to ignore them and is intent on giving a final shape to develop an ICBM that can strike mainland United States. That appears to be the driving force.

U.S. augments its naval power

North Korea is crying foul and has accused the U.S. of being the aggressor who is provoking a nuclear war crisis. Korean Central News Agency has termed it as a ‘frantic’ drill. Incidentally, the latest missile launch is the third in as many weeks.

It was fired in the general direction of the Sea of Japan and Japan is a close ally of The United States.

As a result, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to help the U.S. to take action against North Korea and made reference to the just concluded G7 summit.

The United States from its part is sending the USS Nimitz to give company to the other two namely the USS Carl Vinson and the USS Ronald Reagan which are already in the western Pacific. Such a move to have three aircraft carriers simultaneously in the same region is rare. Obviously, these movements are designed to give advance warning to North Korea that it is indulging in a dangerous game.

Ominous clouds are gathering in the air and with an unpredictable future in the hands of a very adamant leader, one has to be prepared for the worst. It may be recalled that an adamant leader was responsible for World War II and no one wants to witness a sequel.