Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. An incident that took place yesterday in Iraq looks almost unbelievable. As per reports eight hardcore terrorists belonging to the Islamic State hid in a shrubbery to ambush Iraqi tribesmen who were opposed to them. The ISIS fighters were moving in an area about 55 miles from Kirkuk in the Al-Rashad region. Unknown to the terrorists the antics of the group disturbed a herd of wild boars.

The beasts attacked the terrorists and in no time three of them were killed. The other 5 run away for their life. This attack shows that sometimes a supernatural force takes matters in hand.

Terrorists are killed in battles but one does not hear of them being killed by wild boars. The area in which the terrorists were hiding has an abundance of wild reeds. This is an area that has many wild boars.In a group, these animals can be ferocious. 3 ISIS fighters were killed and the others ran away. One can only call it Divine Retribution.

Attack by boars

Sheikh Anwar Al-Assi who is Chief of the local Ubaid tribe which has taken up arms against The Isis is of the opinion that the boars are very short tempered and they were disturbed by the militants.Assi told the Times "it is likely their movement disturbed the herd of wild pigs, which inhabit the area as well as the nearby corn fields. The area is dense with reeds which are good for hiding in".

The ISIS fighters are under pressure from government troops aided by the US. They however still pack a sting as can be seen from the long drawn battle for the capture of Mosul. The Islamic State fighters after 3 of their comrades were killed decided to take revenge on the boars. It is not known what sort of revenge was taken.

The same group had earlier executed 25 tribesmen who had opposed them.

Boars survive

Iraq is mostly a desert except for the area around the river Tigris. The only type of wildlife that can survive is one that can adjust to the harsh climate. Boars are remarkably adaptive and thrive in Iraq. They are not touched by Muslims who consider them unclean.

This is one reason these animals thrive in this arid region.

Last word

The attack by the wild pigs on the Islamic State fighters opens a new chapter. The Islamic State fighters will now have to ensure that they do not disturb the wild beasts. The attack and killings by the wild boars is a rare event. Perhaps justice hs been dispensed, as the same group had executed many tribesmen who had opposed them