After the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, a vacuum was created as the Obama administration withdrew US forces from Iraq. The result was catastrophic as the ISIS under Al-Baghdadi overran almost the entire Iraq. To throw the ISIS out is taking a lot of time and a decision was taken to send in US ground troops to bolster the Iraqi Army which in real terms seems unequal to the task of defeating the ISIS.

Despite intensive air support, the Iraqi army has made a slow advance and one wonders if the US air support had not been there what would have happened.

The tardy pace of taking Mosul was adversely commented upon by Donald during the election campaign. Now the US has reinforced ground troops to give muscle to the Iraqi army. Despite this, the capture of Mosul is taking a long time. The US special forces have now moved closer to the line of combat and as per reports have suffered many casualties. The exact number is not known as they have been airlifted for treatment.

Mosul battle

The battle for Mosul is going on for the last few months and the Iraqi army has precious little to show so far. As per reports, the Iraqi army has captured the airport after a strong air bombing by the USAF. Capturing Mosul won't be easy as it is an old city and has many small lanes and alleys where armor cannot move.

It will mean hand to hand fighting and the only way it can succeed will be by the involvement of more US troops and greater casualties.

Middle East cauldron

The regime in Baghdad is a Shia-dominated government and has the support of Iran. Iran also supports President Assad in Syria. The situation is complicated as Donald has earmarked Iran as an adversary and wants to stop it having nuclear weapons.

The Middle East cauldron is brewing trouble. The US and Donald must also look at the possibility of getting bogged down in Iraq. Something similar happened in Vietnam leading to a rout of forces loyal to the USA in a short time after the USA withdrew.

The battle for the capture of Mosul is just the first step and even after that, a lot will be required to be done. The ISIS will not easily give up. Donald will have his hands full.