Sgt. Robert J. Dynerowicz was based out of Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, and was visiting the Canadian Forces Base Wainwright for training purposes. He had been serving in the Canadian Army as an armored crewman for more than 10 years. It has been confirmed that he died from injuries suffered when the Single Vehicle Accident occurred while taking part in a training exercise. The accident reportedly occurred around 10 AM, local time, on Tuesday April 25th. This shows that the US is not the only country that has dealt with military training gone wrong.

Others injured in accident that killed Canadian solder

From reports, there were four members of the Canadian Military in the vehicle when the incident occurred. Sgt. Robert J. Dynerowicz was taken to the hospital, and later died of his injuries. The three other people had their injuries assessed, and one was taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment. The other two soldiers involved were able to return to their unit later that night.

What went wrong?

While much is still unknown, it is clear that it was a single vehicle accident. They were not engaged in any tactical training, and the driving conditions where described as “normal driving, as you would see on a civilian highway.”

It has been confirmed that the soldiers were commanding a LAV III vehicle.

This model has been around since 1999, and has a less than stellar record for safety, particularly involving rollovers. Similar armored vehicles are used in many military operations, including the movement of troops in western Mosul.

Next steps for the Canadian military

Col. Conrad Mialkowski made a statement to the public on Wednesday (April 26th).

He stated his condolences to Sgt. Dynerowicz family and friends, and further informed the public that there is an ongoing investigation being handled by the Canadian Armed Forces National Investigation Service. With the separation between Col. Conrad Mialkowski and the Canadian Armed Forces National Investigation Service, he was unable to provide much to the press in terms of new information.

He did state that the investigation should include further investigation into the many reoccurring problems that have been seen with the model of vehicle involved in the accident. With several hundred vehicles of this model currently in use, the correlation could cause major changes to the Canadian Army.