US president Donald Trump is arguably the most controversial American president of the 21st century. He continues to be attacked by both Liberals and Conservatives on both flanks and only those who truly believes in him stay steadfast. However, as America is a major influence in the world today, it is important to know how different people in different countries think about Trump

Trump is 'Chaunpu in China and they love him

Compared to the Obama administration, China surprisingly favors "Chaunpu" or Trump more from an economic perspective, despite his tense handling of North Korea.

Trump's foreign policy is based on economics and not on implementing American "values," giving a sigh of relief for Chinese politicians.

Also, Trump's America-centered policy will create business voids in Asia as US-based companies will be forced to "hire American," or face penalties. This is favorable for China as Beijing is more than happy to fill up that void once Trump's policy goes full swing.

However, not only does China love Trump, they are also having a laugh as they view Trump's victory as American democracy gone wrong. Social media is a major part of the Chinese lifestyle and tweets of satirical attacks on the American president are prevalent.

Japan views Trump as an unpleasant man

Democracy gone wrong is the major sentiment spreading across Asia to describe Trump's win in the US election.

This sentiment is not only viewed in China but in practically all Asian countries including Japan, America's regional ally in the Korean peninsula.

Ordinary citizens in Japan view Trump as a "very unpleasant person," and according to surveys made by the South China morning post, Japan hoped that Hillary would win the elections.

In fact, hundreds of angry Trump rubber masks are on sale in Japan.

Europe thinks Trump is a political 'experiment'

German papers shout that Trump is "Europe's nightmare." Polish press added that Trump will ruin the European union, while the Bild, Europe's best-selling newspaper said Trump is a "political experiment." Czech press grimly stated that with Trump's victory, "anything can happen in the west."

South Korea is blasé over everything that has happened

Though South Korea is rather infuriated by Trump's apparent "bluff" about his order to send the USS Carl Vinson to Korea, Seoul and its citizens seemed unconcerned that war may break out once more.

North and South Korea are still technically at war though the fighting ended in 1953. If the rest of the world are pretty much afraid of the angry kid up north, South Koreans are just content that the war of words is a source of entertainment.