When Kate Middleton married Prince William the couple was on display in the media for months before the wedding and it just never stopped. They are still on display today as soon as they step out in public. As a newlywed couple, it had to be a bit taxing not being able to go anywhere without the cameras flashing and the reporters wanting a quote, but they got through it.

Unlike the traditional newlyweds they couldn't stroll down the street hand in hand for a quiet romantic afternoon. Anywhere Kate and William go, they have the whole world in tow via cameras and it will probably always be that way.

While they are used to it by now, it had to be a bit overwhelming at first, especially for Kate, who wasn't a royal all her life.

There are not too many couples who aren't all smiles and a bit giddy in the days following their wedding. A new report cited in an article by the magazine Elle suggests that this smiling and happy honeymoon phase of Kate and William's included something that Prince Charles found rather annoying.

Ruffling Prince Charles' feathers?

Kate and William have offered up plenty of evidence through the years that they don't go in for public displays of affection. You never got to see them all goo-goo-eyed with their hands all over each another. That is just not their style. You've probably seen your own family members or friends go through a honeymoon phase, where you want to either pour a cold bucket of water over them or yell out "get a room!" That wasn't what you saw with Kate and William.

Kate and William irritate Prince Charles?

What Prince Charles found annoying isn't something most people would find irritating. According to Elle, a new biography about the man who is next in line for the throne shared how Charles had a problem with a certain behavior displayed by Kate and William. It was something that "irritated" Charles.

Sally Bedell Smith's latest book is about Prince Charles' life and she writes how he was "more than a little irked" by Kate and William while they were on their North America tour, back in 2011. There was the one reason and one reason only that he got his feathers ruffled over what he was seeing.

'Camera happy'

According to Elle, Kate and William were "too camera happy." They elaborate on this state of being "camera happy" with posting a picture similar to the one seen below.

If all Charles ever has too worry about is his son and daughter-in-law smiling too much for the cameras, then he is one lucky man.

Not much has changed since that time as Prince William and Kate always appear to be as genuinely happy today as they were during their honeymoon period years back. They seem extremely happy to be together and when they are alone in public they each have a great smile that is captured by cameras everywhere. While Prince Charles has been captured in pictures smiling, he is usually seen with a very serious and distinguished facial expression in photos. There are a few though that even have the Queen and Charles laughing it up, like the one below.

Not too warm and fuzzy!

The royal family were not traditionally seen as warm and fuzzy people, but since Kate has come on board, there seems to be more public smiling and a more approachable royal family than ever before. Despite the report that Charles was irritated by his son and daughter-in-law's smiling pictures, they seem to have become a rather close family these days.