Amelia Bannan’s family is calling it a miracle after the Argentinian police officer awoke from her coma and finally met her four-month-old baby son, Santino, for the first time.

Bannan, 34, was almost six months pregnant when she suffered a skull fracture in a car accident on November 1 last year, after a car rear-ended her vehicle. The other occupants of the vehicle were fine, but Bannan’s injuries led to a blood clot on her brain and she remained in hospital in a coma. At 34 weeks into her pregnancy, her son Santino was born on Christmas Eve.

Coma mother gives birth to healthy baby boy

According to El Pais, Amelia opened her eyes and waved her hands as her contractions began. She underwent an emergency cesarean and her baby son was born. He weighed in at 4.16 pounds and according to the family was in good health. Her brother, Cesar, said it was a miracle.

Reportedly her family visited Bannan every day at the Posadas hospital, speaking to her and holding her baby, Santino, close to her. Cesar told NTN4 that he will never forget the day his sister finally came around.

Earlier this month, while the family was giving little Santino a bottle in the hospital room, they suddenly heard a low voice, saying “yes.” Unable to believe what was happening, he went closer to his sister and said to her, if she could understand him, she must stick out her tongue and Bannan did indeed stick out her tongue.

Mother is improving a little every day

According to Roberto Gisin, the physiotherapist who is supervising Bannan’s rehabilitation, she is improving quickly. He said at first Bannan could say “yes” and “no” but is now managing to respond to questions. Bannan can already turn herself around and move all four limbs. Gisin says if there are no setbacks, she will be back to normal and on her feet within a few months.

Cesar said at first Bannan believed the baby to be her nephew but is gradually remembering more and more from her childhood, although not the pregnancy itself.

Doctors hope to see Bannan walking with her son

According to doctors, it is still too early to say if the accident and resulting coma has caused any permanent damage, but the family is praying she will be fine. Cesar believes his sister’s story can be an inspiration to others, saying the family has already seen that miracles are possible. Neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira said Bannan keeps surprising them. She added that they all hope that at some point in the future they will see Bannan walking and holding her son’s hand.