The titanic’s tragic history remains one of the most compelling stories from humanity’s past. James Cameron’sTitanic” is not only the most popular title in Oscar nomination history, but the film is also considered one of the finest in cinema. It is hard to imagine the jubilation and eventual horror passengers aboard the Titanic must have experienced during its maiden voyage, but you may soon be able to glimpse the wreckage of the vessel, and therefore peer back in time in the most compelling manner.

Trip down an underwater memory lane

Blue Marble Private is a travel company based in London, and they have big plans to help us relive the lore of the Titanic.

Their latest project aims at helping people explore the lore of the Titanic firsthand by visiting the doomed vessel at its final resting place. People who sign on for this historic adventure will have to shell out a mind-blowing $105,129 in order to embark on the voyage.

The Tour will begin at St John’s, Newfoundland, from which point passengers will be flown to a designated yacht in the nearby ocean. The yacht will already be hovering over the remains of the Titanic, but in order to experience the ship firsthand, passengers will have to dive deep to the ocean floor.

Only nine people will be allowed to participate in each tour, each of whom will have to take a brief course involving safety lectures before heading into the water.

After the lectures, passengers will be briefed about the upcoming dive with the help of explorers and scientists in order to ensure that each passenger is thoroughly informed about the task at hand.

Once they are ready, the passengers will be sent down to the ocean floor in groups of three using a carbon-fiber and titanium submersible, one that will take them 13,100 feet into the depths of the ocean to the spot where the Titanic continues to rest to this day.

History in the making

Sure, the price tag for this voyage seems a bit steep, but the experience it offers is unlike anything else on our planet. The journey could be the ocean equivalent of visiting the summit of Mount Everest itself, and that should certainly be a pricey affair if you don’t have the skills to undertake the journey by yourself.

Apart from witnessing the wreckage of the Titanic, passengers will also get to ride an impenetrable submersible right down to the ocean floor, a place that few people have visited.