The cause of the Titanic tragedy it seems, more than 100 years after the shipwreck on the fateful April 15, 1912, night may not haver been an iceberg. The titanic has gained yet another chapter in its history. The transatlantic ship whose tragedy became a movie and became the biggest Oscar's winner, now may not have sunk thanks to the collision with an Iceberg. The tragedy that killed more than 1500 people could have begun to be generated before the sinking date in the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. According to information from the newspaper O Globo, in a report published on Tuesday, 2, before the departure of the ship that left England towards New York in the United States, a large fire struck part of the ship's hull.

This caused it to lose about 75% of the resistance.

The fire could have happened just in the place that, later, would also be hit by the iceberg

It took thirty years for the researchers to come to this conclusion, which will now be part of the fan fiction of this story that, although tragic, is also quite fascinating. The fire could have happened just in the place that, later, would also be hit by the iceberg. This allows one to conclude that, had the fire not occurred, the damage to the ship would have been less and it would not have sunk so fast on its maiden voyage. The opening in the hull was too large for the largest and toughest ship of its time.

The transatlantic was so large that newspapers even published a supposed phrase from one of the Titanic builders, that "God could not sink him."

Could the fire have even helped the Titanic sink?

The allegations were made after photos of one of the Titanic engineers arrived in the hands of investigators of the ship, which collapsed beneath tens of meters of salt water.

The images show black marks along a large stretch on the right side of the front of the hull, which clearly indicate that there was a large fire there. "We're looking at the exact area where the iceberg hit, and it looks like there was damage to the hull at that particular spot before they even left England," said one of the survey's representatives.

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