Two women added to the number of females that were either the object of U.S. President Donald Trump’s lust or anger. The first one is a female Japanese translator who came with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in February. The second is a 17-year-old American female who made a website where kittens punch the face of Trump.

Donald Trump is a joke

In an editor’s letter on Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, editor in chief of the magazine, quoted an acquaintance of Donald Trump. The president confided to the acquaintance he was obsessed with the translator’s breasts.

The editor wrote that the billionaire expressed these lustful thoughts “in his own, fragrant fashion.”

Graydon Carter – who has a long history of exchanging jabs with the real estate mogul – pointed out in the editorial that while Donald Trump may be a joke, he brought with him destructive forces and chaos that were not funny. He added that if the former “The Apprentice” host could cause so much havoc in his first few months in the Oval Office, he shuddered at the thought of what the U.S. and the world would be four years later with the buffoon as the leader of the nation.

Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump played golf in mid-February at the Mar-a-Largo resort which the president owns. It was Shinzo Abe’s second meeting with the real estate tycoon.

The first was in mid-November after he won the presidential election. At that time, he was putting together his potential cabinet. The Hill tweeted then a photo of the meeting that showed Ivanka Trump, the billionaire’s daughter. She attended the meeting which was a possible conflict of interest since as president-elect at that time, Trump said his children would handle his corporate side only.

Trump versus girls

Donald Trump seems to be in conflict with a lot of people, including minors and females. Mashable reported that the president’s lawyer wrote to Lucy, a San Francisco teen who runs the website The website allows users to punch the billionaire’s face by using the paws of kittens. The lawyer told Lucy that his client demanded that Lucy must stop running the website and close it for good.

The lawyer identified his client as a famous and internationally known businessman, although the connection with Trump is clear because his face was on the website.

In December, Donald Trump hit Vanity Fair as his way of getting back at Graydon Carter. He tweeted that the magazine is dead and the editor has no talent. However, after the billionaire’s rant, the magazine’s subscriptions surged. Similarly, when The Observer published Lucy’s story, visits to her website jumped to 50,000 from 3,000.

It seems that when Donald Trump is involved in a Twitter war or a lawsuit, public interest goes up in those cases. It also happened in the lawsuit filed by Katie Johnson, a minor who accused the billionaire and Jefferey Epstein, a convicted pedophile and a friend of Trump, of raping her when she was only 13. Although the tycoon called the video interview of Katie Johnson a hoax, the price of the video clip nevertheless went up to $1 million in October.