It was a daring Terror Attack in London in which four people were killed and many injured. The attacker drove a car through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then knifed a police officer. The police officer tried to prevent the man from entering the House of Parliament and was killed while the attacker fell to police bullets.

When any terror-linked activity takes place, it is customary for world leaders to rally behind the country and express their sympathies – but, Donald Trump Jr did it in his own way. He did not lose the opportunity to criticize Sadiq Khan, the Mayor Of London who had commented about terror attacks to Bill de Blasio, the Mayor of New York, when there was a terror attack in his city in September 2016.

The background

BBC reports that the London attack reminded Donald Trump Jr about similar attacks in New York last year in which some 29 people were injured. Three bombs had gone off in the city, and nearby locations and Bill de Blasio was the Mayor of New York at that time.

Referring to the incidents, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, had remarked in a meeting with the Mayor of New York that these have become part and parcel of living in the major cities like New York and London. He had gone on to add that terror attacks of this nature can happen anywhere and, one has to be prepared to face it. Vigilance is a must and, the police and security forces must be given all necessary support to tackle the menace.

The after effects

Donald Trump Jr thought it fit to remind London Mayor Sadiq Khan of what he had said about the terror attack in New York. The quote was ‘terror attacks are part of living in a big city,’ and, within two hours of the London bombing, he tweeted an article from the Independent newspaper in September 2016. Incidentally, Sadiq Khan is London’s first Muslim Mayor and, after the assault, he assured the people that terrorism cannot keep London down.

He also said that the city was united in its determination to fight those who want to harm it.

The relationship between London's first Muslim mayor and the Trumps has been an uncomfortable one. Sadiq Khan denounced the travel ban imposed by President Donald Trump and, has labeled it as not only shameful but, also, cruel. And, during the presidential campaign last year, Khan had questioned Trump about his knowledge of Islam to which Trump retorted by challenging Khan to an IQ test.