On Wednesday, March 22, at least four people were killed, while more than twenty were injured in terrorist attack outside Parliament on Westminster Bridge. The incident happened when a vehicle raced up onto a sidewalk on Westminster Bridge.

As reported in British "Metro" on the day of the attack, the Hyundai i40 drove on the curb on the end of Westminster Bridge hitting people on the sidewalk until the vehicle crashed in the banisters in front of the Parliament. Among the injured were three French children who were in critical condition.

The victims of the Westminster Attack

One of the victims was Aysha Frade, a British national whose mother was Spanish. Frade worked at DLD College London. She lived with her husband and children. The second victim was 48-year-old police officer Keith Palmer, who was stabbed to death. For fifteen years he was a member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Squad. The third victim was a US citizen, Kurt Cochran, who lived in US state of Utah. This 54-year-old man was on holiday in Europe and was celebrating his anniversary with his wife.

Two ‘significant’ arrests

According to the writings of Time, two people were arrested in connection with the London Attack. London officer Mark Rowley says that the people were arrested in central and northern England.

According to the words of Mark Rowley, the people arrested were held in custody and they revealed the birth name of the attacker. Currently, nine people are in custody, while one person has been released on bail. The latest victim of this terrible attack was identified as a 75-year-old Londoner, named Leslie Rhodes. Leslie Rhodes died in the hospital surrounded by his family, according to his neighbor.

The attacker

As you recall, the attacker identified by police was Khalid Masood. He drove a car into a crowd of people on Westminster Bridge. Furthermore, as if that wasn’t enough, the attacker stabbed a police officer to death at the Houses of Parliament. After that, Masood was shot dead by police. Mark Rowley informed the public about the attacker, saying that his birth name was Adrian Russell Aja, and stated that the attacker was also known under the name Adrian Elms. This 52-year-old man had been convicted of violent offences. As British paper, The Guardian revealed, Massod was once investigated for extremism, and he converted to Islam in later life.